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Department Advisory Board

As a requirement of the university quality processes, our department organizes periodical meetings with the advisory board, which is formed by our external stakeholders, in order to determine the knowledge-skills that should be given to our graduates. The department education plans are updated according to the feedbacks that are received in these meetings. Department Advisory Board consists of the following names.
Advisory Board Members *
  • Şerafettin Acır, Etiya
  • Erkan Dilaveroğlu, Vadi Kurumsal Bilgi Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. Sti.
  • Ceki Gabay, IBTech
  • Tolga Gündüz, Ipera
  • Sevan Lalikoğlu, Caffeine
  • Selim Morlevi, Creat For
  • Murat Ozoğlu, Aktek Bilişim
  • Kerim Şahin, UyumSoft
  • Halil Tahmaz, Etiya
  • Çiğdem Yalman Kopan, Ipera
  • Salih Yıldırım, Sys

* Listed by using the surnames.

About the Department

The Computer Science and Engineering Department, initially founded as Electronic Computation Division in 1970, continued its activities as a part of Engineering Faculty between 1982 and 1992, following the reorganization in 1992 the department became a part of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.


Computer Engineering Program is currently operates with full time 4 Professors, 7 Associate Professor, 10 Assistant Professors, 1 Instructor, 21 Research Assistants and part time 1 Professor In Computer Engineering Program there are also courses given by academic staff from other departments of the University.


Computer Engineering Department continuing its activities at "YILDIZ Campus" since 1982, moved to "DAVUTPAŞA Campus" as of August 2011. The Computer Engineering Department occupies the D block of the modern complex build for Faculty of Electrics And Electronics having 38.000m2 closed area .


D block contains 3 lecture halls, 7 classrooms, 11 laboratories for undergraduate courses, 5 special purpose R&D laboratories for research groups, 2 study rooms for students, and 1 conference hall.


As Yildiz Technical University, we aim to create a modern world university that can compete with international universities in scientific, social and cultural fields by producing projects that provide added value in a scientific approach and peaceful environment.
With this in mind, our university aims to attain world standards in terms of quality and quantity in education and research, and it is on its way to become a modern university that develops qualified human power and contributes to the country and society in every way.
For reaching success on this journey, our quality policy aims to construct a quality management system which meets the social needs and expectations by implementing and maintaining below items;
Following science,
  • Having a lifelong and innovative competition power based on research and development, Educating students having national and universal ethics,
  • Maintaining peaceful working environment and conditions for academicians,
  • Providing continuous improvement of products and processes,
  • Following the relevant standards and legislation,
  • For the used processes, information and forms,
that are related to the Quality Policies, additional information can be obtained from http://www.kalite.yildiz.edu.tr/ <

Mobile Access

Our student Hakan Kalmaç has developed a mobile application for Yildiz Technical University Computer Engineering students under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Banu Diri. The application may be useful for all YTU students as it also contains general information related to the university.
Application may be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edu.ytu.cemobil

Internship Office

All information and documentation related with Intership are under Files -> Staj. Some of the quick links are as follows.

Transportation Facilities

Transportation facilities to Davutpaşa Campus are as follows;

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