Documents of Internship

Documents of Internship


The following documents provide information and documents relating to the internship.


Step-by-step Internship Procedures (Last Update:10.02.2021)

Guidelines of Training Record Book

FR-1516-YTÜ SGK (Compulsory Internship) Form(English)(3)

FR-0285- Statement and Commitment of General Health Insurance Form (1)

FR-1266-Unemployment Fund Contribution to Internship Fees Information Form (1)

FR-0286- Registration Form(1)

Internship Cover Letter (Form-2)(1)

Training Record Book Registry Page (Form-d2)(1)

Internship Book Outer Cover Page (Form-d1)

Training Record Book Page (Form-d4)

Training Record Book Weekly Work Schedule (Form-d3)

2021 Calender