Mission and Vision

Vision and Mission


While determining the vision, mission and teaching goals of the Computer Science Department, within the scope of the Continual Quality Improvement Project in Education, the vision and mission of both the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics and the Yıldız Technical University have been inspiring. While determining the teaching goals, a careful study is carried out by obtaining the contribution of teaching staff, students, graduates and other external allies, also the fundamental blocks have been formed for a structure which can renew itself with various feedbacks taking the changing and developing circumstances of the present-day into consideration. As a result of these studies, vision, mission and teaching goals of the department, the knowledge and skills expected for graduated students to gain are determined by our authorized committee.



The vision of our department is determined as “developing into a department which guides the information technology sector worldwide both in academic and technological fields”.



To achieve the vision, our department is determined the followings as its missions.

  • Being the center of attraction for teaching staff and students with proficient academic staff team, large working space and resources providing a research environment where technological developments can be followed,
  • In our country, providing a contribution by joining into Computer Engineering studies shaped by standards and accomplishing the university-industry collaboration,
  • Producing graduates who continually improve their knowledge, able to produce practical and quick solutions, remarkably fit in team work, are successful in relationships, able to lead in the academy and government and who will serve to public according to the national needs,
  • Bringing up individuals who value and share the knowledge, who can express themselves verbally and written, who are educated in foreign languages in a level that allow them to take place in international studies.