The Computer Science and Engineering Department, initially founded as Electronic Computation Division in 1970, continued its activities as a part of Engineering Faculty between 1983 and 1992, following the reorganization in 1992 the department became a part of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Computer Engineering Program is currently operates with full time 4 Professor, 8 Associate Professor, 10 Assistant Professor, 1 Instructor, 22 Research Assistants and part time 1 Professor. In Computer Science Program there are also courses given by academic staff from other departments of the University.

Computer Science teaching plan contains 53 courses which adds up to 156 credits. The percentages of the courses established as %26 Basic Sciences, %51 Occupational Courses and %23 Other Courses to provide a balanced distribution. The credits of the optional engineering courses are determined as to allow students to gain expertise on the subjects they are interested in.

In our department which aims to graduate engineers to international arena, a compulsory English preparation class has been started beginning from 1985-1986 which continues successfully since. In addition to the preparation class, English courses given in various ways takes of the all credits rest of the graduate study, also some of the occupational courses are taught in English.

The program applied in Computer Engineering is prepared by taking the opinion of internal allies (Teaching Staff, Students and Management) and external allies (Graduates, Associations, Private Sector, Government, Civil Community Organizations, Families) then filtered by science and technology. The system is supported with feedback mechanisms (Student Questioners, Evaluations of Teaching Staff, Evaluations of other external allies about outputs and goals) to respond variable features quickly, to provide continuity by renewing itself and to reach its goals.