The Computer Engineering Department, which is based on the Electronic Computing Sciences Chair, which was founded in 1970, carried out its activities between 1983-1992 within the Faculty of Engineering, and following the regulations made in 1992, it became a department affiliated to the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics. There are three departments in our department: Computer Science, Computer Hardware and Computer Software.

Computer Engineering program is carried out with 5 full-time professors, 7 associate professors, 10 doctoral faculty members, 2 lecturers, 13 research assistants.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Starting from 2003 for our undergraduate program, our department has made the necessary changes in the curriculum and the educational activities it offers in order to reach the goals it has set.

The department program is supported by applied studies, internships and extracurricular activities.

There are 5 graduate programs in total in our department:


  1. Computer Engineering Department of Computer Engineering Master's Program
  2. Computer Engineering Department of Computer Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  3. Computer Engineering USA Information Technologies Master's Program (Non-Thesis, 2nd Education)
  4. Computer Engineering USA Information Technologies Graduate Program (Non-Thesis, 2nd Education, English)
  5. Computer Engineering Department of Computer Engineering Doctorate Program


Research Groups

In the depertment, there are 6 research groups in total:



The depertmant has individual laboratories for hardware and software lectures. For different topics as Microproseccor, Mikrocontroller and Digital Sign Processing there are

with a capacity of 36 people:

  • 2 Circuit and Electronics Design labs
  • 1 Embeded Systems and Robotics Lab

with a capacity of 40 people:

  • 2 Mikroprocessor and Logic labs.

In the software part, there are 6 different laboratories applications. There are individiual laboratories for each application.